Product to be debuted at Brazilian Febraban CIAB conference, June 13-15

imgDigital Check announces the Brazilian national launch of TellerScan TS240/TTP, an integrated check scanner and thermal receipt printer for bank tellers, cashiers and commercial environments with limited counter space.

The device combines the acclaimed fifth generation Digital Check TS240 scanner with 50, 75 or 100 documents per minute scanning and automatic feeding, with the high speed and versatile Cognitive TPG Thermal Printer. Digital Check has already deployed close to three hundred thousand check scanners and more than one million of the printers have been installed worldwide.

The unique TS240/TTP scanner/printer combines the check scanner and the thermal receipt printer in one compact device, saving up to 50% of the space required for the devices separately. The TS240/TTP also allows the printing of customer promotional messages on customer receipts, including the bank’s brand, the images of the customers deposited items, and even customized marketing messages, with product offerings for each client.

The TS240/TTP includes ReceiptWare Marketing Software allowing financial institutions the ability to print receipts with bank logos, images of checks deposited, as well as cross-promotional marketing messages that can be targeted to the customer based on the transaction.

“The TellerScan TS240/TTP has enjoyed overwhelming success in the U.S. market since its launch in the fall of 2010,” said Alex Trombetta, managing director, international sales division. He continued, “We are seeing an equally successful reception for the product in the emerging Brazilian market.”

“The TS240/TTP is the right solution for the Brazilian market and we expect it to be a tremendous hit here, especially since the recent publication of Circular No. 3532 of the Central Bank for Check Truncation calling for check truncation in this country. This product is the solution to meet the demand for greater efficiency at bank branches and commercial environments. ” says Adrian Henigman, Country Manager for Digital Check in Brazil.  For more information fill out our web contact form.