Creating high-quality products is our #1 priority, so we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our manufacturing process.

Our rigorous quality control process puts finished product through two rounds of comprehensive tests by different operators in a computer-controlled environment, so that any faults are caught and corrected long before they make it to the shipping line. All domestic customer service and support is based in the U.S.; overseas support is provided by local native-language, factory-trained distributors.

Why do we go to such lengths for quality? Because we believe that with precision electronics, you should never have to worry about whether your device is going to be working two years from now, let alone tomorrow. By checking up on our suppliers regularly, and by keeping control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, we don’t have to compromise on quality or workmanship. That’s why our out-of-box, 1-year, and 2-year reliability rates are the best in the industry, and one more reason why Digital Check is The Secure Choice®.