Since we entered the check scanner business in the 1990s, we’ve worked closely with our clients in the banking industry to find out exactly what they need to get the job done. We view every customer interaction as a chance to make our own products better than the last. Here are just a few examples of times when customer input has led to new inventions or design improvements:

  • Based on feedback from one of our early teller capture customers, we developed stronger transport belts and improved track designs that made our multi-feed scanners more durable and easier to maintain.
  • We’ve added improved double-feed detection to prevent “piggybacks” – when items double feed, creating severe balance errors.
  • We enhanced our magnetic MICR reading capability, and verify that magnetic read with optical character recognition to ensure mistakes are never made when reading important information like account numbers.
  • After listening to operator feedback, we transitioned to a new polymer roller material that was twice as resistant to dirt and ink.
  • We collaborated with a partner to be first to market with a Teller Transaction Printer (TTP) integrated with our TS240 check scanner.
  • We’ve made our devices network addressable to free them from being tethered to a single PC.
  • We worked closely with one of our largest customers to develop Clear by Digital Check®, a new image-enhancement system for cleaning up difficult-to-scan items such money orders, and other difficult items.

After nearly 20 years developing technology and now software for the banking industry, we’ve learned a lot about making our customers more efficient. And we’re still learning more from them every day.