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TellerScan TS240 Check Scanner – Now at 150 Documents Per Minute

TellerScan® TS240 – Now at 150 Documents Per Minute

The TellerScan TS240-150 is the fastest model in Digital Check’s TellerScan line, designed for high-voume teller capture and branch capture settings. With a 100-item feeder and scan speeds of up to 150 documents per minute, it’s powerful enough to handle high-volume scanning at the branch back counter while maintaining a small enough footprint for use at the teller window.

The ENERGY STAR certified TS240-150 remains compatible with the existing Digital Check API (versions 11.02 and up), so most current users of the TellerScan TS240 family of check scanners can use it with little or no change to their operating environment.

Units of the 150 document per minute TellerScan TS240 are available now – contact sales for more information about how to order.

Also supported for use with the TS240-150:

TellerScan TS240/TTP: The first teller capture check scanner with a built-in thermal teller transaction printer — lets you handle both your document scanning and receipt printing with a single device.

Digital Check’s Special Document Handling, available with all TS240 models, intelligently adjusts contrast and sensitivity for difficult-to-read documents, reducing the number of errors for teller capture and branch capture operations.

TellerScan TS240-150 Features

  • Our highest speed TS240 model – scans up to 150 documents per minute
  • Up to 100-item feeder and exit pocket capacity
  • Digital Check API with Special Document Handling
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Compatible with Digital Check Advisor Remote Monitoring and Management Service
  • Single line inkjet printing for endorsment
  • Available franking option
  • Easy setup with no assembly required
  • Integrates with Digital Check’s TTP (Teller Transaction Printer)
  • Built in the USA

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TellerScan TS240 teller scanner - now at 150 documents per minute

TellerScan TS240-150 Brochure and Product Specifications (413Kb / .pdf file)


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