Yes, it’s no secret that Teller Automation resurfaced as a hot topic in major financial institutions in 2010 and the pace of interest, RFP’s, and successful installations continues to grow in 2011.

imgTeller capture has taken off in the past couple of years for a number of reasons that vary widely by institution. First, it significantly reduces cost by reducing the transportation of the paper checks and the need for expensive back office equipment, personnel, and facilities are also reduced. In addition, the cost of paper tickets is reduced or eliminated, fraud is reduced, as well as the cost of branch servicing. Second, it increases efficiency by reducing teller transaction keystrokes and balancing the transaction at the time of the deposit, reducing the need for research and adjustments. Third, it speeds clearing, lengthens the window for same day funds availability for the customer, and mitigates risk as any anomalies or questions can be resolved with the customer at the time of deposit

Enhanced User and Customer Experience Another Key Rationale

imgThe sometimes less quantifiable benefits of teller capture include improvements to customer and employee experience, and the opportunity to cross sell the customer while the transaction is in progress. In fact, Digital Check’s new TS240/TTP, teller scanner with an integrated teller transaction receipt printer allows banks to easily add custom marketing messages right on the receipt. This not only serves as a vehicle to promote your messages to the customer, but also as a prompt to your tellers to discuss these promotions at the close of the transaction, increasing lead opportunities for the bank’s personal bankers. The net result is increased revenue opportunities.

Check Images on Customer Receipts Receiving much Greater Attention

Digital Check’s TS240 and TS240/TTP were designed with the teller in mind. We designed this scanner for right-hand feeding, since most people are right-handed. We have a slide and feed design that doesn’t require a second hand to slide back a pusher block on the scanner. Each scanner is equipped with 300 dpi non-contact scan heads to produce crisp images and require less cleaning.

Digital Check’s API is designed with the most advanced thresholding technology to remove even the most difficult check backgrounds, while retaining the critical information on the check. In addition, our thresholding settings can be set to threshold different parts of the document with special settings. For example, some money orders have dark backgrounds on one half and white backgrounds on the other. With our Special Documents Handling feature, we can threshold each zone on the document with different settings, thereby, lightening the dark side without washing out the light side. Other features include our unique MICR algorithms that produce three sets of magnetic readings and verifies those readings optically.

The TS240 and TS240/TTP were designed for the teller environment, that’s why we call them TellerScan. For more information about TellerScan scanners, visit, fill out our web contact form, or call (847) 446-2285.