Welcome Symitar Educational Conference
and TechConnect Attendees!

Thanks for visiting Digital Check in sunny San Diego! Below are links to the products we had on display at the show. Click on one for more information. Click this link to skip ahead to our case study on scanner cleaning and how it can SAVE money for banks and credit unions in the long run!

Check Scanners

SmartSource Elite Series

Our latest high-speed scanner for the teller window – offering top performance and a compact form factor at an affordable price.
This is our standard model with a USB interface.

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SmartSource Micro Elite

The smallest remote Deposit Capture scanner on the market! The Micro Elite is compact yet sturdy. Operates at up to 45 documents per minute, and has ID card scanning capability.

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SmarstSource Expert Elite
(Network-Ready Scanner)

Our most advanced SmartSource teller scanner is now available with a built-in CPU and memory to handle basic functions onboard the scanner! Ideal for branches running distributed virtual workstation environments.
Operates on an Ethernet interface.

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Merchant Elite / Elite 55

A streamlined 55 document-per-minute version of the SmartSource Elite designed for the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) market.

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Accessories and Extensions

ReceiptNOW Elite

A modular thermal receipt printer that fits underneath the SmartSource Elite series scanners to save counter space.
Available in Ethernet or USB models.

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Cleaning: Why it's Easier (And More Important) Than Ever

Would you let your car go without changing the oil until the engine broke down? Probably not. Yet for some reason, many people let their scanners go without maintenance indefinitely. At the same time, image capture has moved to the front window, where it’s a part of the customer experience. We explore the costs and benefits of regular maintenance – it’s much different than you might think!

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Thank you for your interest in Digital Check Products!

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(photo credit: Cindy Devin under Creative Commons 2.0)