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Digital Check is a trusted provider of check scan hardware for Symitar teller environments.

USB / Ethernet Convertible Solutions

SmartSource Expert Elite (USB Mode)

The SmartSource Expert Elite scanner is now available with dual support for USB and Ethernet connections. This is ideal for customers who are not using a networked virtual environment now, but may want to in the future without replacing hardware. When your networked environment is ready, a firmware update switches the scanner from USB to Ethernet mode. (Part numbers: SSX1-ELITE-USB, SSX1-ELITE-FS-USB)

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ReceiptNOW Ethernet Elite

The ReceiptNOW Ethernet Elite unit has both a USB port for today, and an Ethernet port to allow for eventual upgrade to a network environment. (Part number: SRNELITE-ETH)

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ID Card Capture

The Expert Elite USB scanner has the capability to capture IDs as well as checks. We are working with Jack Henry to enable this functionality in the Ethernet environment. This capability is not yet available, but we are working hard to bring this to you for when you make the switch from USB to Ethernet!

Are you Networkable?

Have you ever said “I bet no one ever made a sitcom about check scanners and branch networks?” If so, you just lost that bet.

Experience Networkable – Digital Check’s new short series about the connected bank branch. You’ll never look at networking and driverless scanners the same way again. The first three episodes are live now!

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