For capturing a large stack of documents all at once, you want a scanner with an automatic feeder (also known as a multi-feed scanner) and the ability to scan at the highest speed. Durability is also a high priority, since these machines will be processing hundreds or even thousands of items in a day. The TellerScan® line of scanners have been Digital Check’s go-to models for batch capture for more than a decade.

For lower volume batch scanning, we recommend the SmartSource® Merchant Elite.  At 55 documents per minute, it can handle many merchant environments and includes ID card scanning.

Teller Capture Scanner - TellerScan TS500

TellerScan TS500

For basic batch feed scanning, the TellerScan TS240 and SmartSource Pro Elite deliver high speeds and precise image quality at an affordable price. The TS240 is available at speeds of 50, 75, 100, or 150 documents per minute, with an optional UV mode. The Pro Elite is available at 55 or 155 documents per minute and includes ID card scanning.  Both of these models offer inkjet endorsement on the back of the check.  If you need help deciding which speed makes the most sense for you, download our free white paper about when scanner speed is (and isn’t) important.

The new TellerScan TS500 represents the top of the line in batch capture at either the teller window or the back counter. With speeds up to 200 documents per minute, it’s as fast as many high end production scanners at a fraction of the price. An auto-aligning feeder tray, self cleaning system, and built-in ID card scanner are just some of the features that take the TS500 beyond basic scanning.

If your need includes both checks and full page documents, we recommend the SmartSource Adaptive scanner.  It can handle batches of up to 100 items including a mix of checks and full page documents.

Digital Check Smartsource Professional Elite

SmartSource Pro Elite

A batch capture scanner tends to be more expensive than the single feed models used for remote deposit, so deciding whether you handle enough checks to justify the higher purchase price is key. Digital Check® recommends that you acquire the right scanner to meet your volume needs both for today and into the future.

The back counter of a bank branch is the most common place for a batch feed scanning situation, but any place where large numbers of checks and money orders are handled is also a candidate. Some of our typical batch feed customers include utilities, newspapers and magazines, insurance companies, government agencies, check cashing businesses, and even large apartment complexes.

For these higher production environments, Digital Check recommends our TS500, BranchXpress BX7200, both of which scan batches of checks at 200 documents per minute, with the BX7200 handling batches of up to 300 items with two output pockets that can handle 300 items each.  Or for environments requiring additional sorting requirements, we recommend our SmartSource Quantum DS scanner with either eight or twelve output pockets to which to sort.  This scanner can also run up to 200 dpm.