– TS240’s performance enhancements featured in Ranger® API software –

TellerScan TS240We are happy to announce that Pensacola, Fla.-based Silver Bullet Technology has now certified and supports our recently launched TellerScan® TS240, a check scanner designed for both teller automation and remote deposit, with its Ranger® API software solution.

By adding support for the TS240, Silver Bullet’s Ranger now provides support for our entire line of TellerScan (TS series) scanners as well as CheXpress CX30. Some key TS240 features and enhancements supported by Ranger include:

Ӣ Expanded input feeder and output pocket capacities (100 documents each)
Ӣ Increased scan speeds (50, 75 and 100 DPM models);
Ӣ High speed, non-contact image cameras (300 DPI);
Ӣ An intelligent front-franking stamp option; and
Ӣ Special document handling

“We are excited to announce Ranger support for Digital Check’s TS240,” said Jamille Ellingson, national account executive for Silver Bullet. “The TS240’s high-Silver Bulletspeed, intelligent design provides a compelling choice for retail banks and the RDC customer.”  For more information fill out our web contact form.