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Digital Check Scanners: Cleaning Procedures and COVID-19

While it is recommended to periodically clean your scanner as part of your regular maintenance routine, that mostly refers to keeping the internal parts working smoothly.

In light of recent events, we have been receiving an increasing number of questions about safe procedures for cleaning and disinfecting the outside of our scanners as a precaution against COVID-19 contamination. Frequent external cleaning is typically not recommended, but the following are acceptable as emergency short-term precautions. Digital Check is not responsible for any damage to your equipment from using third-party household cleaning products on your scanner.

Important note: None of the following should be taken as advice about the effectiveness of any particular disinfectant – please consult the appropriate medical resources for guidance. (Example: CDC guidelines for disinfecting your facility.) These steps are solely a description of how to clean your equipment while minimizing the risk to the device.

Do not spray directly
Please do not spray any cleaning products directly onto the external cover of your scanner.
  • Turn off the device before beginning any cleaning process.
  • It is acceptable to wipe down the external plastic covers of any Digital Check scanner with disinfectants applied using a wipe or cloth only.
  • When wiping, do not put excess pressure on the pocket extender or metal pocket limiters.
  • Do not attempt to wipe the power, USB or network connection receptacles.
  • Please do not spray any liquids or aerosols directly onto the surface of your scanner. Droplets or mist can get into the paper track or the seams between covers, and damage the electrical components. If you are using a spray disinfectant, spray it onto a cloth or paper towel first.
  • Make sure any cloth, wipe, or paper towel used to clean the outside of the scanner is lightly dampened, not saturated or dripping.
  • Isopropyl alcohol, as well as alcohol wipes, are acceptable to use for cleaning the outside of the scanner, provided you follow the same guidelines as above. This is our strongest recommendation for cleaning the scanner exterior.
  • Among off-the-shelf cleaning products, Formula 409 has been used by our service department to clean scanner exteriors. It is acceptable to use if applied by wiping, not spraying. (Note: at this time, 409 does not appear on the FDA list of established COVID-19 disinfectants.) Other household cleaners have not been tested – use at your own risk.
  • Do not use concentrated bleach, ammonia, or powdered cleanser to clean your scanner.

(Photo credit: Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0)


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