NORTHFIELD, Ill., March 18, 2009RP Solutions, Inc., an inspired software developer and solutions provider for electronic and image based payment processing, today announced the certification of Digital Check’s CheXpress® CX30 check scanner for use with the company’s remote deposit software, including AR Express® and RD ExpressTM.  Digital Check is a provider of desktop check scanners and remote deposit capture technology to the financial industry.

“We’ve completed full integration testing on the CX30 and are very impressed,” said David Johnson, president, RP Solutions.  “It produces some of the cleanest images and most reliable MICR data we’ve seen.  This makes it very well suited for the remote deposit market where capturing a high quality image and accurate MICR at the remote site is so important to minimize issues later in the process.  It’s an ideal front-end device for our remote deposit products, which upload check images directly to our ExpressPay Gateway for immediate processing and clearing.”

The CheXpress CX30 has numerous features specifically targeted for the merchant and small business environments including a small footprint, energy efficiency and quiet operation.  Using its patent-pending scan and return mode, the CX30 captures two check images allowing it to optimize image quality and recognition rates.  Its highly sophisticated 300 dpi non-contact scanheads enable it to more accurately read even difficult items like damaged checks and money orders.  Similarly, it reads the MICR line twice dynamically adjusting the magnetic read head between the first and second pass.  This maximizes MICR data accuracy, which is especially useful for items such as personal checks with low MICR resonance.  In addition, it has a programmable inkjet endorsement printer.

“With its unique design, the CX30 addresses the specific needs of the small business customer and sets a new standard for image and data quality,” said John Gainer, Digital Check executive vice president.  “This device is very consumer-friendly, requires little maintenance and has a low price point.  Being able to offer an attractive remote deposit solution with RP Solutions’ software and the CX30 scanner will help financial institutions increase their penetration in the small business market segment.”

AR Express is a registered trademark and RD Express is a trademark of RP Solutions, Inc.

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