Bank Teller Image Capture operations are usually large, with many moving parts, often making them difficult to manage. Each teller capture project involves a significant number of computer workstations, related software for those workstations, scanners, printers, and other related teller peripherals. Add to that the human factor, the people Special Documentsinvolved in setting up, operating, and monitoring the hardware and software in the field, and the geographic challenge of having various pieces of hardware and software spread over many miles, often states, and sometimes even countries. How does a bank control all of the hidden variables? It was for this reason that Digital Check was the first check scanner hardware company to introduce a remote monitoring solution, Digital Check Advisor.

Digital Check Advisor (DCA) is a complete remote monitoring and management solution built specifically for Digital Check scanners. DCA monitors the error codes produced by the scanner, number of documents scanned, status of the ink jet endorsement print quality, MICR and CAR/LAR quality, as well as other metrics of the device. DCA reports the status of each scanner deployed by your organization through an easy to read scanner health “dashboard.” When a scanner’s performance metric is within an acceptable range, the dashboard reports a “green” status; however, if the metrics are outside of an acceptable tolerance, the status goes to “yellow” or “red” depending on the severity of the deviation from the norm. DCA can alert the scanner operator, the bank’s tech support, or both, to potential scanner issues often before the operator is aware of them. Scanner support becomes proactive rather than reactive.

The primary differentiator between DCA and other monitoring solutions is the DCC API and the many other support functions it provides. Detailed performance statistics are available to help desk personnel, enabling them to reduce the time required for troubleshooting calls. In other words, DCA not only provides indicators for which scanners are exhibiting symptoms of poor performance, but more importantly, provides the necessary detail to accurately determine the root cause of the symptoms reported. For example, are scanner jams caused by a hardware failure, overdue scanner cleaning, or poor document preparation? Understanding the root cause will not only save on unnecessary scanner maintenance swaps – but will also serve as a reinforcement to improve scanner operations and performance over time. This is especially important when operator staff experiences turnover, but high levels of performance still need to be maintained.

Digital Check Advisor will provide positive ROI by reducing the number and duration of helpdesk calls, optimizing the frequency of cleaning related directly to the number of scans on the device. DCA will also reduce operational costs by reducing scanner field swap-outs and scanner downtime, while increasing the overall efficiency of the technology support team by allowing them to be proactive rather than reactive in addressing scanner related issues.

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