Digital Check is pleased to offer the option of remote monitoring service with each of our CheXpress® and TellerScan® line of scanners. Remote monitoring allows your organization to monitor critical functions of the scanner in order to alert users to necessary maintenance functions such as the replacement of endorsement ink cartridges or rollers, or to quickly diagnose any scanner malfunctions for speedier resolution and less downtime.

Remote monitoring services are offered using Esprida, an application that provides the information you need to make smarter decisions about the operation and maintenance of your scanners. Esprida connects the information coming from your Digital Check scanner into a cohesive format for a complete view of the device’s operation. The Esprida Agent™ connects between your scanner and the server to monitor its health status and maintenance schedule of your scanner.

The application can analyze MICR read rates, CAR/LAR read rates, image quality analysis results, feed rates and other parameters. If any of these results statistically fall outside of predetermined parameters on a consistent basis, the software will send out an alert to perform corrective actions. The software will also monitor the usage of the scanner to alert the operator to perform regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance. You can also remote update the scanner and PC software with this highly flexible service. Visit to read more about their services.

Esprida remote monitoring can be used not only for Digital Check scanners, but also for your organization’s printers, copiers, PCs and other network attached equipment. For more information about remote monitoring, contact Digital Check at, fill out our web contact form, or at 847-446-2285.