Northfield, Ill., April 22, 2009Digital Check, a provider of desktop check scanners, announced that Regiscope has certified Digital Check’s TS215 scanner with it’s Linux driver.  Regiscope is a provider of check cashing solutions as well as security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel, The TS215 is integrated into Regiscope’s Check Cam system, which is used for customer/maker database and point of sale modules.

“Having the TS215 with a Linux driver allows Regiscope to open our market to many more commercial environments since Linux is extremely robust and accepted by customers around the world,” said Alex Adams, vice president of Regiscope. “The high reliability and smooth operation of Digital Check’s TS215 makes it the perfect check scanner to work with Regiscope’s Check Cam system.”

Regiscope is currently the only check cashing system that offers real time transaction check capture with Check 21 direct from the teller’s window, and its primary customers are check cashers, or any other business that cashes checks in the course of business, such as Supermarkets.  Garden State Check Cashing and Connecticut State Check Cashing, Regiscope customers and the largest check cashers in New Jersey and Connecticut, use the TS215 scanner exclusively.

Digital Check’s TS215 single-feed scanner, built on the same platform as their proven TS230 workhorse, creates the highest quality images for both sides of a check in just about one second and is designed for both low and medium volume applications.   Utilizing the drop-in feeder an operator can scan up to 30 checks per minute, making the TS215 the ideal scanner for check cashing, remote deposit, or teller applications.

“The TS215’s reliability, low cost and MICR & image quality has made it a leader in it’s market segment,” said John Gainer, executive vice president at Digital Check. “The TS215 allows for maximumMICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ), which reinforces Regiscope’s Check Cam system.   And we are pleased that Regiscope has plans to also certify our CheXpress ® CX30 check scanner with our Linux driver as well.”

About Regiscope
Regiscope has been in the business of documenting transactions since 1957. It became
world famous by using a patented split-lens technology to record a face and the document associated with it on photographic film. Over 150,000 film-based units have been sold and it has become the standard in many industries. Regiscope provides real time transaction security solutions for businesses that need to identify customers, employees, vendors or delivery personnel. For more information visit