img Digital Check was featured in two sessions at first annual Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) Summit co-sponsored by BAI and

John Gainer, executive vice president at Digital Check recently had the opportunity of participating in a panel at the event, while Paul Rupple, director of marketing was featured in a session to introduce the company’s new CheXpress™ small business check scanner and RDC QuickStart™ small business financing program.

The panel in which Gainer participated, entitled “Implementation Focus: Check Scanners,” focused on the importance of selecting a check scanner with expanded image scanning technology and transmission to effectively implement remote deposit capture. The panel explored the importance of check scanners as a key element to the RDC solution. The discussion covered the various check scanners on the market and their options, and also explored future models and features in development. Attendees learned how to select the right scanner for their organization based on cost, functionality and image quality. For more information fill out our web contact form.