There is a lot of buzz these days about mobile remote deposit capture at tradeshows, in magazines and online. When we SB Linethink about mobile RDC we often think cell phones with cameras; however, that is not the only solution out there to implement mobile RDC. Digital Check recently released a line of mobile remote deposit check scanners that are fully powered from the USB connection on a laptop computer. That means that a laptop computer connected via Wi-Fi or a 3G signal to the Internet is capable of making remote deposits using Digital Check’s SB500 or SB600 scanner.

A solution partner can add this type of mobile RDC application to their solution simply by certifying Digital Check’s API v 10.05 or later and the accompanying devices. Both devices are small and portable with the SB500 designed for checks and cards only and the SB600 able to scan full page documents as well.

imgWhat that means is that a service person, a field salesperson, a realtor, a field technician, a delivery person, or any number of other businessperson who works outside of the office on a regular basis can still make their deposits without taking time out of their appointment schedule. Whether the person does it from a client office, or from the front seat of their vehicle, as long as they have access to the Internet, they have the ability to make their deposits securely with the same interface that they have become used to using. There is no need to line up the check, make sure that the lighting is appropriate and to have a camera with the right resolution. This solution can eliminate some of the security concerns that have been raised with having check images captured and stored on cell phones in the event of a misplaced phone.

For more information regarding Digital Check’s SB line of scanners, visit www., fill out our web contact form, or call 847-446-2285.