Remote Deposit Capture has grown tremendously since its introduction in 2004. Now businesses both large and small can scan their check deposits in their offices reducing desk float, time out of the office, and increasing cash flow. A more recent application of RDC is in a space that has been around for years, the lockbox.  Typically, lockboxes have been used by large organizations that receive thousands of checks in the course of a day through the mail to provide a central place for them to be captured and truncated. However, the lockbox is not just for large enterprises anymore, the RDC Remote Lockbox brings the lockbox to your office.

The difficulty for large organizations running large lockbox operations has always been, what to do with those payments that are carried into remote office locations – how to get them into the payment system. Now with RDC Remote Lockbox, that problem is solved as the lockbox can now come to those outlying locations.

Digital Check offers a number of different bank check and document scanning solutions to capture either the check or the check along with the full page documents that accompany the payment. Whether it is a smaller office that requires only single feed scanning devices (CheXpress CX30 and SB650) or a larger office requiring batch feed scanning (TellerScan TS240, and BranchXpress BX7200), Digital Check has the right bank check and document scanning solution for your organizational needs.


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