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Vault by Digital Check®

For years, vault processors have been known for their armored trucks transporting cash from businesses to bank vaults. Yet, cash is not the only game in town – banks, in effort to outsource their vault operations, are requiring that these same companies add check processing to their offerings.


All Features

  • Eliminates the need for disparate systems to process checks and cash
  • Streamlines Vault clearing operations, saving time, FTEs, and money
  • Multi-bank solution for customers with specific rules and sort patterns
  • File aggregation capability by customer, processing center, and time of day
  • Store and Forward capacity built into system
  • X9 or XML file output to bank image exchange system
  • When used with Digital Check scanners, incorporates our industry leading image quality

Standalone or Integrated Capture Solution

Check-only deposits are captured in a back-counter environment..

Integrated solution
Cash, coin, and checks are processed in a straight-through POD processing model. This solution is bar-code capable and has an API interface for cash and check capture devices.

Keying & Balancing

Vault streamlines clearing operations by allowing operators to key and balance all transactions either for checks only in the standalone version or for checks, cash, and coin in the integrated version of the solution.

Both versions are equipped with “store and forward” functionality and apply bank or customer-specific rules and sort patterns to each transaction, producing an X9 or XML file for each bank’s image exchange system.

Image Perfection, MICR, & Reco Capabilities

Vault by Digital Check utilizes our industry-leading image perfection tools to produce the highest quality images and the fewest non-conforming images (NCIs). Utilizing Digital Check’s Best Read® Image and MICR, as well as Special Document Handling™, we can clean up the most difficult to image items, like money orders, producing conforming images that will clear the first time.

In addition, Digital Check’s Best Read MICR produces among the highest read rates in the industry. This results in less keying, lower error rates due to human intervention, fewer exception items, and higher Reco read rates. The bottom line is more efficiency and a lower cost of operation.

Operator Statistics and Electronic Journaling

Not only does Vault streamline your operation and reduce your costs, but we can also provide stats and journals to help your organization identify other areas in which you can improve operations and reduce costs.


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