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Special Document Handling™

™Money orders and traveler’s checks are a handy tool for making payments while traveling or when a person requires a guaranteed payment. Yet these payments can be extremely challenging for banks to process electronically due to the security features designed into them. This was the challenge brought to Digital Check® many years ago, and we responded with Special Document Handling. This unique feature recognizes the most common problem documents on the fly, and uses special settings to create the highest-quality images possible, each and every time.


All Features

  • Unique settings for each type of money order ensure optimized results each time they are scanned.
  • Zoned thresholding for documents with varying colors or difficult zones where data is printed.
  • New document types are added frequently to the list of presets, or a bank can request that their own set of documents be added.
  • Uses Digital Check’s industry-leading Best Read® thresholding technology.

Adaptive Thresholding™

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to creating clean check images. The reason is that checks vary in backgrounds, in color, and in the ink used to write on them. This is why Digital Check created Adaptive Thresholding, which automatically detects the best settings to use for each document’s features and quirks. So, even though the input varies, the output should be consistently good.

Zoned Thresholding™

Checks and money orders do not always have a uniform look all the way across. The background might be dark in one part but light in another, or the printing may be heavy in some parts but faint in others. Zoned Thresholding uses different levels and contrast settings on different areas within the same image – toning down only what needs to be toned down, and intensifying only what needs to be bolder.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The hidden cost of electronic check clearing is the cost of poor images. While Digital Check makes highly reliable scanners, we especially shine when it comes to producing great-looking images that are more likely to clear without human intervention, reducing the overall cost of processing them.


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