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Scanner Cleaning Cards with WaffleTechnology

Our new cleaning cards use the power of WaffleTechnology® to get your Digital Check scanner cleaner than ever! The improved design keeps the card in uninterrupted contact with the cleaning surface as it passes through the scanner track, removing more dirt and dust in fewer passes. KICTeam’s patented Envanish® solvent replaces our previous isopropyl alcohol solution for a longer useable lifespan and a more environmentally-friendly scanner cleaning experience.

WaffleTechnology cards have been tested to work with all current and previous-generation Digital Check scanner models, including the CheXpress CX30; TellerScan TS500, TS240, TS230 and TS215; and BranchXpress BX7200.


All Features

  • Spring-loaded WaffleTechnology design
  • Environmentally friendly solvent
  • Stays wet longer after opening
  • Reaches previously hard-to-clean surfaces
  • Certified on all current and previous-generation Digital Check Scanners

More than Double the Useful Lifespan

Alcohol-based cards would often “dry out” and lose their effectiveness due to evaporation 90 seconds to two minutes after opening – meaning you had to be ready to go, and you had to hurry! Waffle cards with the Envanish solvent stay useable for five minutes or more, letting you take your time and run the card through for as many passes as you need to.

Cleans More Thoroughly With Less Trouble

Since the waffle card is pushed into direct contact with the scanner track throughout the cleaning cycle, it removes more dirt and dust in fewer passes than previous “flat” card designs. The thicker card also cleans hard-to-reach parts such as the camera glass without the need for a separate cleaning swab.