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Clear Inline

It’s automatic! Image cleanup software for difficult-to-read checks and money orders – and it works in real time, with no human intervention required. Clear Inline is a special version of our patented Clear by Digital Check® image-enhancement system that can identify problem images and filter out background interference or intensify faint printing so you end up with a file that will make it through the clearing process the first time. It’s ideal for on-the-spot image cleanup in self-service environments like ATMs and touchscreen kiosks, greatly reducing exceptions due to Non-Conforming Image (NCI) errors, and increasing straight-through processing rates.


All Features

  • Cleans up problem images immediately
  • Works automatically - no manual intervention
  • Identifies and remembers difficult document types

Perfect for Self-Serve Environments

Clear Inline identifies and cleans up difficult documents on its own – no user intervention required. This keeps transactions on track with no manual keying by the customer, and fewer illegible images making it into the clearing queue. That’s a lifesaver for use cases like ATMs and self-service kiosks, where there’s pressure to complete the transaction immediately no matter what.

Smart Memory Function

Our software uses the magnetic MICR information at the bottom of a check to identify it and match it to our database of problem documents. The right settings can be applied automatically. If you encounter a problem document that’s not on the list, Clear Inline can “remember” it and add it to the database for next time.

Keeps Exceptions Out of Your Workflow

Unreadable images often get forced through at the ATM by having the customer key in the dollar amount – but that doesn’t make them any more readable when they hit your back-end operations. Cleaning up the image before it reaches your processing queue means it’ll go through when you send it out for clearing, eliminating costly exceptions and NCIs, as well as the fees that come with them.