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Clear by Digital Check®

Clear by Digital Check is a revolutionary new image enhancement system that ensures even the worst quality checks are successfully processed the way they’re supposed to be – as readable images capable of clearing. This saves banks and credit unions an incredible amount of time and money they would otherwise spend on handling exception items and Non-Conforming Image (NCI) rejections.

The original version of Clear allows back-office operators to manually “clean up” bad images with a click-and-drag selection tool, while the new Clear Inline image enhancement system for ATMs and self-service environments can automatically identify and repair problem images on the spot.


All Features

  • Eliminates paper clearing of the most challenging check images
  • Patent pending click-and-drag “zone enhancement” allows multiple problem areas of a check to be corrected independently
  • Fits nicely with the regular banking workflow, capturing MICR data, allowing corrections, and delivering bank-specific X9.37 files for output to the image exchange system
  • Capture checks at the point of truncation or through an archive retrieval process

Clear Assist

A stand-alone windows application used to assist with bad images during Day 1 functions such as keying and balancing.

Clear Hub & Spoke

A distributed method of cleaning and clearing bad images from a variety of capture points (spokes) from the central hub.

Clear Archive

A stand-alone windows application used to retrieve Day 2 non-conforming images (NCI) from the bank’s long term archive in order to cleanup the images for clearing.

Clear Inline

Technology that provides an additional automated “Image Perfection” inline workflow process to a bank’s existing image based payment processing solution.


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