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Processing Cash and Checks Together in the Vault? Introducing Vault by Digital Check®

Vault by Digital Check logoWhether it takes place at a bank’s vault or an armored car company’s, bulk deposit processing has always faced one big operational challenge: Counting the cash separately from checks and money orders, then combining them back together into a single deposit ticket at the end. Digital Check recently devised a way to solve this headache with our new Vault by Digital Check processing software.

Vault plugs in to existing vault management software and allows cash and checks to be tallied together, keeping the records associated with the correct deposit at all times. Although straightforward in concept, this simple adaptation has shaved hours off typical processing times during pilot programs in vaults around the country. Vault also allows operators to switch back and forth quickly between depository banks, speeding up processing and making it go more smoothly. While this system doesn’t take the place of existing vault operations software, it does integrate with many popular applications, and is certified with the most common currency counters. Vault can also operate in a stand-alone environment to process checks and money orders apart from cash and coin processing.

For more information about Vault by Digital Check, click here to visit our product page.


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