Glenn Embury, Digital CheckGlenn Embury heads the Manufacturing, Service, and Quality teams at Digital Check’s California operation. Mr. Embury joined Digital Check in 2002 and has over 30 years of global supply chain, product development, manufacturing, and technical business experience. Previously, he held positions as General Manager and VP of Operations at Digital Check’s California operation.

As Executive Vice President, Mr. Embury is directly responsible for managing day-to-day operations at Digital Check utilizing his vast experience in engineering (electrical, mechanical, and software), manufacturing (cost-effective manufacturing, providing the ability to manufacture in USA while competing with off-shore manufacturers), global procurement and supply chain management, and quality/technical service.

Prior to joining Digital Check, Mr. Embury began his professional career at Fujitsu BCS in Anaheim California, and has held many positions in both engineering and manufacturing over his 20+ years there, including several software/hardware engineer positions, Test Engineering Manager, Manufacturing Engineering Director, Systems Test Director, and finally Vice President of Engineering.