Digital Check recently announced the launch of a new enhanced version of our BranchXpress BX7200 high volume, high capacity branch back counter and back office check scanner. The BX7200, features up to a 300 item feed pocket, two 300 item exit pockets, speeds of up to 200 documents per minute, a 24,000 item daily duty cycle, 300 dpi cameras, an adjustable height single line rear printer, a two line display and on scanner control keys that allow the scanner to be operated from the scanner, and an intelligent batch stabilizer with batch assist for more precise feeding of documents.

The BX7200 now includes a new feeder mechanism with an active discriminator roller assembly, and a precision thumb wheel adjuster that allows adjustments to within one tenth of a millimeter.

Other features of the BX7200 include user replaceable feed and exit rollers with blue hubs for easy identification, a user replaceable MICR read head, multiple access points to the track in order to clear the track, user accessible cameras for cleaning, and an easy cleaning process.

The BranchXpress BX7200 is the fastest scanner in its class on the market today. For more information about Digital Check’s BranchXpress BX7200 or other Digital Check scanners, please contact us at 847-446-2285, or email us.

BX7200 sm



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