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Featuring cash automation systems from Avivatech® as well as select Digital Check scanners for the retail market.


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New Solutions for

Cash Automation

Designed for the bank or retail environment

Is Cash Automation Right for You?

Cash recycler machines aren’t just for banks anymore! The speed and accuracy of a recycler can help any business that handles a lot of cash — especially if you need extra security, make a lot of exchanges between the registers and the safe, or need frequent bank trips.
Avivatech offers all-in-one packages that include both the cash recycler and the software that runs it, with expert setup so you can be up and running quickly and easily! Ask us for more details.

Why Use a Cash Recycler?

  • Same security benefits of a smart safe
  • Money can flow in both directions
  • Fast and accurate machine counting of every cash-in or cash-out transaction
  • Can separate deposit cash for Provisional Credit
  • Continuous tracking catches mistakes quickly and makes balancing easy
  • Many are now affordably priced not only for banks, but retail businesses as well!

Cash Automation


XpressCash - cash automation software home screen.

Avivatech’s main cash automation tool for retailers provides universal software for operating dozens of different cash recycler models. It makes a recycler easy for retail staff to use through an intuitive, straightforward interface.
Avivatech provides the “complete package” of equipment and software, and sets it up so the cash recycler is smoothly integrated with your existing cash and accounting processes.
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XpressControl - cash monitoring software home screen.

XpressControl is a dashboard for monitoring your entire cash operation, giving you full visibility anywhere from the whole-company level down to individual machines and transactions.
Whether you’re looking to check on the status of a particular device or explore trends across single or multiple locations, XpressControl provides a powerful toolset for finding and organizing the data you need.
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XpressScan check deposit software - example screen.

A simple remote deposit tool that allows you to scan and deposit checks directly to your bank account directly from your retail locations. Use a Digital Check scanner to capture Check 21 compliant images, with controls that allow you to track activity for each workstation or individual user.
The triple ‘S’ in XpressScan doesn’t stand for anything, but if it did, it’d be Safe, Simple, and Secure. Combine it with XpressCash to close the loop and automate all of your paper payment workflows!
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Check Scanners

SmartSource Expert Elite

SmartSource Elite series check scannerScan up to 150 documents per minute, plus full-color ID capture with built-in network intelligence!
An onboard processor contains an embedded network API and handles key image processing functions to make the Expert Elite operate smoothly in virtual environments.
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SmartSource Micro Elite

SmartSource Micro Elite check scannerThe most compact check scanner on the market, measuring just 7 inches by 4 inches — about the size of a large smartphone. Feeds up to 45 documents per minute, or as fast as you can insert them! Comes with automated cleaning mode and full-color ID card scan path.
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SmartSource Micro Adaptive

SmartSource Micro Adaptive - compact full-page check scannerA single-feed version of the SmartSource Adaptive that brings full-page image capture to a compact device. Based on the small frame of the SmartSource Micro Elite, it can capture documents up to 8.5″x11″, as well as ID cards in 600 dpi color.
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