Digital Check’s BestRead™ MICR Has Been Delivering for Years!ts230

There has been a lot of talk lately about the challenges of getting good MICR reads from remote deposit capture devices. The word on the street is that some of the devices are having major issues in accurately reading MICR. According to research conducted by an industry benchmarking organization the cost to repair a misread document is between $.13 and $.35 per item. For banks processing millions of items per month, that has a major impact on the bottom line.

“Digital Check is proud of our leadership in MICR read rate accuracy over the past 5 years which was achieved through continuous quality improvements in our scanners magnetic MICR technology and our API ’s unique Best Read MICR verification system”, according to John Gainer Executive Vice President. “The unique combination of our excellent magnetic read rates with our API technology, maximizes MICR accuracy and has been a key reason financial institutions have selected Digital Check in pilot evaluations and side by side comparisons.

Digital Check’s Best Read MICR technology reads the MICR line both magnetically and optically and then compares multiple reads to optimize the read rate accuracy. This combination of multiple thresholding with optical verification, consistently deliver MICR at 99.7% or more. That means that a bank can save as much from $200 to $400 or more over the life of the scanner depending upon volume scanned.

In addition to Best Read MICR, Digital Check also included Best Read™ Image into our API which provides the highest quality and cleanest images to the software application, thereby increasing the OCR read rates. Best Read Image with edge detection algorithms and adaptive thresholding uses Digital Check’s internal Image Quality Analysis (IQA) to select the best check image from several alternative thresholded images in memory. This will also further reduce any exception items or rejected documents to lower the overall cost of operation of Digital Check’s scanners.

“We strive to create the highest quality products with the lowest overall total cost of ownership” said Tom Anderson, President of Digital Check. Anderson continued, “the cost of the check scanner is not just what you initially pay for the device, but also includes the cost of operation, including the cost of repairing MICR or IQA&U rejects. We believe that we have the lowest cost of ownership due to our extremely accurate MICR, image quality and product reliability.”

Best Read MICR and Best Read Image are available on Digital Check’s full product line including the TS215, TS230, and TS4120 scanners through Digital Check’s proprietary API . Digital Check’s API also seamlessly integrates with Silver Bullet’s Ranger interface. For more information about Digital Check’s TellerScan scanners call 847-446-2285 or fill out our web contact form.