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Thanks for visiting Digital Check at the conference! Below are links to the scanners and accessories we had on display at the show, as well as other compatible products. Click on one for more information. Click this link to skip ahead to our maintenance resources section, which includes a case study on scanner cleaning and the cost-benefit analysis of regular maintenance.

Single-Feed Scanners

SmartSource Micro Elite

The smallest remote Deposit Capture scanner on the market! The Micro Elite is compact yet sturdy. Operates at up to 45 documents per minute, and has ID card scanning capability.

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PDFMicro Elite product sheet

CheXpress CX30

The first-ever scanner designed specifically for Remote Deposit Capture – now our most popular model with close to 1 million sold!

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SmartSource Micro Adaptive

Our new compact scanner for mixed-size batches – scans checks and full-page documents up to U.S. Legal size (8.5″ x 14″)!

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Batch-Feed Scanners

SmartSource Elite 155 or 55

Our latest high-speed scanner for the teller window – offering top performance and a compact form factor at an affordable price.

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SmartSource Expert Elite (Network-Ready Scanner)

Our most advanced SmartSource teller scanner is now available with a built-in CPU and memory to handle basic functions onboard the scanner! Ideal for branches running distributed virtual workstation environments.

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TellerScan TS500

The newest member of the TellerScan family, with self-cleaning, automatic document alignment, and speeds up to 200 documents per minute.

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TellerScan TS240

Digital Check’s dependable high-speed scanner – built for a bank, but also great for high-speed RDC.

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Accessories and Extensions

SecureLink Network Attachment

A hockey puck-sized plugin that contains all the drivers and processing power to run your scanner. Can connect to your network via Ethernet or Wifi. Works with both new scanners and with existing scanners already deployed in the field, including the TellerScan TS500, TellerScan TS240, and CheXpress CX30.

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ReceiptNOW Elite

A modular thermal receipt printer that fits underneath your scanner to save counter space. Different versions available depending on your scanner model!

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Digital Check: Who We Are

Learn more about our company – our people, our philosophy, and our history through several decades of innovation that began in the era of microfilm.

Or, visit our 60th Anniversary history gallery here!

Why Your Scanner Is Getting Dirtier Than Ever

If you think that as scanning technology has advanced, cleaning you scanner has become easier, you’re right. However, as scanning has increasingly changed from a back-office function to one performed at the teller window, maintenance has tended to become more sporadic, and MORE dirt is actually introduced to the scanner on a daily basis. Our new report examines why – and what your financial institution can do about it.

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Cleaning resources and training materials – digitalcheck.com/clean/

Thank you for your interest in Digital Check Products!

If you have any questions, please contact your Digital Check representative, or contact us directly.


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