Join us at India’s premier event for the banking industry!

We’ll be in Mumbai later this month to demonstrate our newest and best cheque capture and cheque image solutions for India and the surrounding region. As one of the leading bank technology providers for the Indian market for nearly a decade, Digital Check offers the widest selection of cheque scanners, including specialized models for Ultraviolet (UV) capture, teller capture, kiosks and self-service stations, and more.

All of our systems are compliant with India’s Cheque Truncation Solution 2010 (CTS2010) standard, and offer precision UV capture with no loss of speed. Our extensive distributor network offers rapid fulfillment and factory-trained service throughout India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Products on display at the show to include:

Self-Service Kiosks

Digital Check’s line of capture devices has been used in thousands of cheque deposit kiosks across India and the greater region. We work with many of the leading manufacturers to provide you with a wide array of options for personalizing your self-service experience. Almost every scanner on the list below, including the CheXpress CX30, TellerScan TS240, and SmartSource Professional, has been used in a kiosk project for India or Sri Lanka!

TellerScan TS240-UV

The first ultraviolet (UV) cheque scanner we ever developed is also our best-selling UV model of all time. The TellerScan TS240 is an accurate, affordable high-speed device designed to carry the workload for cheque capture at the branch. The TS240-UV is one of only a few scanners that can capture cheque images in UV without any loss of speed from its rated maximum.

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CheXpress CX30-UV

Our top-selling single-feed scanner, the CheXpress CX30, is now available with ultraviolet capability for the ultimate in affordable UV capture. Ideal for light-duty settings where speed is not the top concern, the CX30 is one of the most popular cheque scanners of all time, with nearly 1 million devices installed worldwide — and several thousands successfully installed in India within both the desktop and kiosk environments.

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SmartSource Pro Elite 155-UV

The SmartSource Pro Elite is our fastest UV scanner, with a top speed of 155 documents per minute. Based on a proven design that offers reliability along with one of the smallest desktop footprints of any multi-feed scanner, the Pro Elite gets the job done without taking up a lot of space on your counter. It also offers an optional 1-line or 4-line rear inkjet endorser. Also available in non-UV models.

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SmartSource Professional

The SmartSource Professional offers two-pocket sorting at speeds of 120 or 200 documents per minute. Designed for the teller window, but capable of handling the workload of a back-counter scanner, it is the fastest desktop scanner with multi-pocket sorting and an ordinary footprint.

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For questions or sales inquiries, please contact Ninad Chavan, India Regional Manager, at:

+91-98 9221 5553