Q&A on UV Document Security, with Digital Check’s Alex Trombetta

banking-dot-comUltraviolet security is making the jump from banknotes to other forms of payment such as checks and money orders — and the technology used to verify them has leapt forward as well. Documents are no longer limited to manual inspection under a “black light,” as machine reading makes new designs and precision a reality. Around the world, many countries that are modernizing their banking systems are opting to include UV as they move forward.

But UV is not without its challenges: In order to take full advantage of what it has to offer, cooperation and standardization must exist wherever it is used. The need for precision requires a high standard of accuracy in both the printed documents and the equipment used to read them.

In this Q&A, Digital Check shares our findings on the current state of ultraviolet security, as well as some of our experiences over the past three years as UV has been deployed in the field.