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Unleash the Power of Networking

Expert Elite Check Scanner 2
  • Speeds up to 150 documents per minute (dpm)
  • Automated cleaning and
    front-feed ID capture
  • Compatible with nearly any operating system

The SmartSource Expert Elite

Ideal for your virtual branch environment

Switching to a virtual branch network is a game-changer — but are your teller stations ready to make the change?

Digital Check’s SmartSource Expert Elite contains built-in network intelligence that makes connecting your scanner a snap, and onboard processing power that prevents it becoming a drain on bandwidth. Visit us for a demo to learn how!

Single-Feed Scanners

cx30 remote deposit scanner.

CheXpress CX30

Our most popular RDC scanner, with nearly 1 million units sold worldwide! Reach speeds up to 30 documents per minute in either straight-through or feed-and-return mode. Available with inkjet, franker, and UV.
Micro Elite RDC scanner on blue background.

Micro Elite

The most compact check scanner on the market, measuring just 7 inches by 4 inches — about the size of a large smartphone. Feeds documents as fast as you can insert them! Comes with automated cleaning mode and full-color ID card scan path.

Batch-Feed Scanners

multi-feed check scanner on blue background.

SmartSource Pro Elite

Available in speeds of 55, 75, and now 170 documents per minute, with a 4-line rear inkjet endorser.
All Elite series scanners feature our automated cleaning mode, and front-feed ID capture in 600 dpi full color.
multi-feed check scanner on blue background.

Expert Elite

All the great features of the SmartSource Elite series, with built-in network intelligence! An onboard processor contains an embedded network API and handles key image processing functions to make the Expert Elite operate smoothly in virtual environments.
black teller check scanner on blue background - front view.

TellerScan TS500

The premier model in our TellerScan line offers speeds up to 200 documents per minute, with options including a rear endorser, 600 dpi ID card capture, and a self-aligning document feeder. Our original scanner with LED status indicator and automated cleaning mode that makes maintenance easy!
two-pocket check scanner on blue background.

SmartSource Professional

One of the only two-pocket check scanners on the market, the Professional has a top rated speed of 200 documents per minute. Its programmable sorting function allows you to separate different items according to predetermined rules that best suit your requirements.
teller check scanner on blue background - front left view.

TellerScan TS240

Our most popular teller check capture device ever, with hundreds of thousands sold. The TS240’s reliable design has been in use for more than a decade, and offers industry-standard performance in 50, 75, or 100 dpm at an affordable price.
multi-feed check scanner on blue background.

Elite 55

An affordable multi-feed scanner based on the SmartSource Pro Elite, this device boasts a rated speed of 55 documents per minute, optional single-line inkjet endorser, and automated cleaning mode for simple maintenance.

Specialty Scanners

Full-page check scanner in white on blue background.

SmartSource Adaptive

A multi-feed scanner that captures mixed batches of checks and full-page documents together!
Perfect for clients that have invoices, remittances, or other documents that need to be captured and sorted along with payments.
Quantum DS 12 pocket scanner and sorter machine.

Quantum DS

A high-speed tabletop check transport purpose-built as a replacement for full-sized reader/sorter machines. The Quantum DS has 12 sorting pockets with a capacity of 300 items each; boasts a top speed of 200 documents per minute; and remains in current production and service.
white empty check jogger on blue background.


Give yourself an assist when processing large batches of checks.
The SmartJogger uses timed vibration to make sure the bottom edge of a stack of documents lays flat, preventing misfeeds and image skew.

Accessories & Extensions

Securelink network adapter hockey puck shape.

SecureLink Adapter

This hockey-puck sized device adds network connectivity to your TellerScan or CheXpress family scanner. One end attached by USB to the scanner; the other goes out to your Ethernet connection. Works both with new scanners and with existing devices already deployed!
Receipt printer stacked underneath a check scanner.

ReceiptNOW Elite

A modular thermal printer that stacks underneath your check scanner and uses the same connections, saving you counter space and wire clutter. Compatible with SmartSource Elite series and TellerScan TS500 models.
ReceiptNOW printer stacked underneath a check scanner.

ReceiptNOW Original

Our original thermal receipt printer that fits underneath your check scanner, saving you valuable counter space.
This model fits the SmartSource Professional and TellerScan TS240 scanners.

Get in Touch:

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Takami Johnson
North America Channel Sales Manager
(405) 365-5093

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Takami Johnson
North America Channel Sales Manager
(405) 365-5093

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