Remote deposit capture has been used by banks as both an offensive and defensive strategy. Now, the shift is back to an offensive strategy in going after small business relationships and also gaining clients outside of the bank’s traditional footprint. As the corporate treasury market moves from the early adopter to the early majority stage, there is still a lot of low hanging fruit to be reached in the small business market. The opportunities in this market are huge; however, the challenges in imgreaching this market are different from the corporate market. Banks will also see new competition for this market from the ISO channel and other providers.


DC LogoThis session will focus on how to best implement those strategies and the factors involved to reach this marekt, while controlling risk and insuring profitability. Join Matt Jarboe, Vice President Commercial Product Management at Ffith Third Bank; John Gainer, Executive Vice President at Digital Check; and Paul Rupple, Director of Marketing at Digital Check for this eye opening event. For more information fill out our web contact form.