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Thanks for visiting Digital Check at the EPS University event! The following products were on display:

Single-Feed Scanners

SmartSource Micro Elite

The smallest remote Deposit Capture scanner on the market! The Micro Elite is compact yet sturdy, and able to fit in the palm of your hand.

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CheXpress CX30

The first-ever scanner designed specifically for Remote Deposit Capture – now our most popular model with close to 1 million sold!

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Batch-Feed Scanners

SmartSource Pro Elite

Our latest high-speed scanner – fast enough for the teller window, but also perfect for high-volume RDC customers!

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SmartSource Elite 55

An affordable 55 document-per-minute scanner, designed to lower the barriers to entry for multi-feed RDC.

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TellerScan TS240

Digital Check’s dependable high-speed scanner – built for a bank, but also great for high-speed RDC.

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Are You Networkable?

Experience episode 1 of Networkable – Digital Check’s new short series about the connected bank branch. You’ll never look at networking and driverless scanners the same way again.

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Digital Check: Who We Are

Learn more about our company – our people, our philosophy, and our history through several decades of innovation that began in the era of microfilm.

Why Your Scanner Is Getting Dirtier Than Ever

If you think that as scanning technology has advanced, cleaning you scanner has become easier, you’re right. However, as scanning has increasingly changed from a back-office function to one performed at the teller window, maintenance has tended to become more sporadic, and MORE dirt is actually introduced to the scanner on a daily basis. Our new report examines why – and what your financial institution can do about it.

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Cleaning Instructions for Various Scanners

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