The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Digital Check

Highest Installed Scanner Base in the World

1 million scanners installedWe can proudly claim to have the largest installed base of check scanners in the world – more than 1 million devices overall. Our user base is as diverse as it is wide, encompassing financial institutions, government agencies, and businesses of all sizes.

Thanks to our focus on quality and reliability, many of our original units are still in operation 10 or more years after they were sold, and most customers who to upgrade or replace their scanner choose another model by Digital Check.

Bigger isn’t always better, but we take pride in the fact that our scanners are known and respected the world over. Learn More …

Trusted by 22 of the top 25 Banks in North America

Trusted by 22 of top 25 banksDigital Check scanners are used by nearly all of the top financial institutions in North America – and by many more of the top names in banking around the world.

That doesn’t only mean we’re trusted by some of the biggest players in the industry; it also means our products are supported by virtually every major banking software provider.

We have close working relationships with all of the major system providers to ensure that when you need assurances about compatibility or features, we can get it done. Learn more …

Engineered, Assembled, and Tested in the U.S.A.

USA-basedOther companies have their products manufactured in China by third-party subcontractors – but at Digital Check, we assemble our scanners at our own plant in Southern California. Our products are designed by our own in-house engineering team, and every batch of scanners is 100 percent tested before leaving the facility. It’s what we call the Digital Check Difference.

How can we afford to do this and still keep our products price-competitive? We’ve found that having the entire process under our control cuts down on defects, warranty returns, and lead times so much that it more than balances out financially. It’s a commitment to quality, but also to your bottom line.

When we purchased the SmartSource line of scanners, those devices were made overseas, but we have already begun the process of moving production back to the U.S. going forward.

Sold in More than 110 Countries Around the World

110 countriesSince we began exporting microfilm products in the 1970s, we’ve been continually developing our extensive network of overseas partners and distributors to cover the entire globe. Today, Digital Check products are sold in more than 110 countries on all six continents

It’s not just about shipping boxes, either. We have local-language, factory-trained service providers all over the world, so you’re never far away from help when you need it.

We have our own representatives around the world who are constantly engaging local industry experts and regulators so we know the “situation on the ground” and what’s going on in your part of the world. Learn more …

Models for All Parts of the Market

Superior performanceScanners aren’t a one-size-fits-all business, so we’ve evolved our product line to match. We have models specialized for the teller window, remote deposit capture, back-office production scanning, and specialties such as mixed document capture. Optional add-ons such as receipt printing, ID card scanning, and ultraviolet (UV) capture are available to fit virtually every check and document capture situation.

We know our customers look for the best in both price and performance, so we’ve got options from high-end scanners with all the latest features, to entry-level single-feed models that lower barriers to entry for the cost-conscious user.


Most Reliable, Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Built to LastThe cost of operating most business equipment doesn’t end with the initial purchase price – and our commitment to you doesn’t end there either. Digital Check’s extensive quality control process has helped us achieve the lowest out-of-box failure rate in the industry. We’re also constantly testing new designs and features to make operating and maintaining your scanner as pain-free as possible.

Our latest model scanners offer options like self-cleaning modes, auto-aligning feed mechanisms, and easily replaceable parts that will keep your service calls and repair costs to a minimum. Most Digital Check scanners boast an expected lifetime of 1 million items captured – years of service at any workload. We routinely hear of scanners still in operation from our original production batches in the early 2000s.

The Secure Choice Since 1959

The Secure ChoiceDigital Check has decades of experience working with images, optics, and cameras, dating all the way back to the 1950s, when we developed our first line of products for securely storing microfilm. Along the way, our journey through six decades of innovation has included projects such as flight simulators for the U.S. Air Force, cameras for NASA’s Mariner and Viking missions, editing projectors used by the Hollywood film studios, and converting some of the world’s first fax machines into some of the world’s first high-speed document scanners.

We’ve learned a lot from nearly 60 years working on high-tech projects for big-name clients, and we’ve carried that expertise forward to today. When you choose Digital Check, you’re getting the benefits of all our decades of experience.

Industry-Leading Technology

Industry-Leading TechnologyAs image capture technology evolves, we evolve with it. That’s why we’ve developed a full line of options for auxiliary functions like receipt printing, ID card capture, and UV.

Our scanners are adapting for the future, with network-enabled versions in production or development for most of our mainstream models so you can be ready for the Branch of Tomorrow, today.

We’ve also developed modified versions of our products for use in special cases like kiosks and touchscreen devices, and have a software division that can match our capture technology to new industries.

Top Reputation for Reliability and Satisfaction

Uptime and SatisfactionOur scanners are always among the best in the industry for reliability, out-of-box-failure rate, and device uptime. We also offer Advance Unit Replacement programs that will have a new scanner sent to you overnight if your existing device needs repairs for any reason.

Every unit is fully tested – twice, by two separate technicians – before it leaves the factory. There is no AQL sampling of batches and no “acceptable” defect rate – it’s always 100 percent or nothing. On the rare occasions when we receive an out-of-box failure, our service and engineering teams personally inspect the device to learn what went wrong.

We track our customers’ feedback from ordering, support, service, warranty, and other contact points, and are constantly striving to improve so that our reputation is the best it can be.

Image (Quality) Is Everything

Image QualityWhether you’re scanning a check at the teller window or taking a picture of it on a mobile phone, everything depends on getting a usable image. That’s why we don’t compromise on components or quality when it comes to the image capture process. All of our motors, image sensors, and MICR read heads are screened for maximum precision – one reason why our MICR and OCR read rates are among the best in the business.

Hardware isn’t all we do, either. We’ve developed our own image-enhancement software that can automatically clean up difficult-to-read checks and money orders so they go through the first time.