Note: The following FAQs are primarily intended for partners and distributors of Digital Check and Burroughs products. If you are an individual end user of one of our companies’ devices, you should expect no tangible changes for the foreseeable future.

1. Which of the Burroughs products are part of the acquisition by Digital Check?

• SmartSource Professional Elite
• SmartSource Expert Elite
• SmartSource Elite
• SmartSource Merchant Elite
• SmartSource Micro Elite
• SmartSource Micro Elite with Endorse (1/2017 release)
• SmartSource Micro Elite SE
• SmartSource UV Elite
• SmartSource Professional
• SmartSource Open Professional
• SmartSource Professional UV
• SmartSource Expert
• SmartSource Open Expert
• SmartSource Expert 2.0
• SmartSource Open Expert 2.0
• SmartSource Open Professional 2.0
• SmartSource Adaptive
• SmartSource Open Adaptive
• ReceiptNow
• ReceiptNow Elite
• Quantum DS
• SmartJogger

• SmartSource Micro (discontinued)
• SmartSource Micro EX (discontinued)
• SmartSource Edge (discontinued)
• SmartSource Advantage (discontinued)

2. How will I purchase my SmartSource products? Should I now place my orders through Digital Check?
End user customers and resellers should continue to place orders the same way they have in the past until further notice from Digital Check. During this process all current operations will remain the same and as changes are implemented, we will be sure to communicate those to our end user customers and resellers.

3. Will my pricing for SmartSource products remain the same?
Yes. There won’t be any immediate changes that impact product pricing or product availability for either the SmartSource products or the Digital Check products.

4. Who is my sales account representative going forward?
Continue to work through your current sales account representative Digital Check will review all of our reseller account management assignments to determine how best to transition to an integrated account management team. The likely time frame for making any assignment adjustments is January 2017.

5. What is the long term plan for the product lines?
Digital Check is committed to fully integrating the entire SmartSource product line and has no plans to discontinue any product models as part of combining the two organizations. During the transition period, Digital Check will consolidate the product roadmaps and publish a new combined product line for our reseller partners and customers.

6. What “parts” of Burroughs is Digital Check acquiring?
Digital Check’s purchase of the Burroughs SmartSource check and document scanner business is an asset purchase, which means all of the products, people and Intellectual property associated with this piece of business are transferring to Digital Check from Burroughs. Burroughs, Inc. will continue to focus on marketing their other products and services not associated with the SmartSource check and document scanners business.

7. How do I order SmartSource check scanners and receipt printers?
We encourage customers to continue buying through reseller and fulfillment partners. Additionally, customers may purchase directly from the webstore at retail price.

8. Who is responsible for servicing the SmartSource products?
All warranty claims on SmartSource products purchased before 9/19/2016 will remain the responsibility of Burroughs. All warranty claims on SmartSource products purchased on or after 9/19/2016 are the responsibility of Digital Check. However, continue to contact Burroughs directly for service on your SmartSource scanners through 12/18/16.  Please have a valid product serial number available when contacting support.