Digital Check announced three major new products at BAI’s Retail Delivery Conference recentlyExceptionals in Chicago.  With the theme, “The Exceptionals,” Digital Check introduced a series of new products to join their exceptionally great line of scanners.  Playing off the theme, Digital Check also challenged the bankers in attendance to bring their most difficult
exception items to show that the superior image quality produced by Digital Check scanners
can turn an exception item into a conforming item.  The new products, detailed below, include the BranchXpress™ BX7200 high volume, high speed scanner; and Digital Check Advisor™, an advanced scanner remote monitoring and management service.


BranchXpress BX7200™

Exceptionally Fast – Built to Last – The BranchXpress BX7200 is built with the same attention to quality and reliability as Digital Check’s TellerScan and CheXpress scanners and is capable of scanning 300 items per batch at up to 200 documents per minute.  This robust scanner features a 300 item feed pocket, two 300 item output pockets, 300 dpi scan heads, high-speed MICR based sorting, ultrasonic double-feed detection, two vertically selectable inkjet endorsement positions, and built-in scanner diagnostics.  The scanner requires no assembly out of the box and requires no tools for routine maintenance.

The BX7200 offers a unique feature to enhance operator productivity. The special two line onboard LCD display provides scanner status and controls to deliver scan commands right from the scanner panel.  For higher, uninterrupted throughput, the scanner seamlessly flows from one output pocket to the next when the full pocket sensor is triggered.

Digital Check will also offer ‘plug & play’ capability for the new BX7200 via a special backward compatible emulation mode for software providers, banks, and companies who have already integrated Digital Check’s TellerScan TS4120.

“We are thrilled to provide another option for the important branch back counter market.  We believe that now there is finally a higher speed, higher performance scanner alternative available. The BX7200 will meet the back counter and back office needs for banks, credit unions, and other businesses with high volumes of checks in a branch or remote deposit capture environment,” said John Gainer, executive vice president at Digital Check.

Digital Check Advisor™

Exceptional Ability to Monitor the Health of Your Scanners – “We are pleased to announce this DCC Advisornew solution that allows banks and companies to proactively monitor the scanners on their network in order to identify and correct any problems that may be present or developing over time,” said John Gainer, executive vice president of Digital Check. “Digital Check Advisor will result in greater ROI and lower overall cost of operation of the scanners by maximizing the uptime of the scanners and lowering the cost of service calls and repairs.”

Digital Check Advisor is a unique new application designed to not just report problems or symptoms of problems, but to alert the financial institution to root causes behind the problems.  Created in a joint relationship between Digital Check, a leader in check image technology and Esprida, a leader in remote monitoring and management technology, the solution combines the best thought leadership from both companies to create a solution uniquely designed to maximize operational efficiency in a check scanning environment.

Digital Check Advisor has the ability to monitor real-time results in the areas of image quality, print quality, and even cleaning cycles performed on the scanner and does not, like many monitoring solutions, rely solely on reported errors to determine whether the scanner and PC are operating at peak performance.  Digital Check Advisor gives technical support a distinctive view into the operational metrics of the scanner and PC to anticipate any issues that arise from the scanner or PC often before the operator notices a problem.  The system also reduces the helpdesk time required in resolving any scanner or PC issues, greatly reducing the cost of support and service.  By using Digital Check Advisor the organization will achieve greater ROI and a lower overall cost of operation of the scanners by maximizing scanner uptime, optimizing helpdesk resources, and lowering the cost of service calls and repairs.


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