Every year, we enjoy a week full of fun and excitement at the Masters tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. This picture was from early in our day on Tuesday and we were at the top of the seating gallery area for hole #16. We had a great day hosted by Digital Check CEO Tom Anderson, and Sales and Marketing VP Jeff Hempker. Our group walked the entire course and made it off just before the late-afternoon rain started. All had a great time!

Notice this was on a practice day, as picture-taking is barred during the actual tournament. Got some great shots of most of the players, including Tom Watson and Tiger Woods.

The Masters always presents a great chance to catch up with some of our best partners and customers – below, here we are with (left to right): Ajay Sangabathula and Karthik Ramanathan of ProfitStars, and Steve Olson from First Midwest Bank. Looking forward to two more action-packed days this weekend!

Digital Check 2015 Masters with guests