Connect to Digital Check’s CX30 and TS240 check scanners through Citrix or other remote terminal environments

BAI Retail Delivery Conference, Chicago, IL, Oct. 12, 2011Digital Check Corp. CNX(, a provider of desktop check scanners and remote deposit capture technology to the financial industry worldwide, announced today the ConneXpress network attachable appliance at BAI’s Retail Delivery Conference in Chicago.

This new device will allow banks or corporate users to operate Digital Check’s CX30 and TS240 check scanners via Citrix, WYSE, IBM, HP, or other remote terminal or thin client environments.  Document images captured with Digital Check’s TellerScan® or CheXpress® scanners are compressed and securely transferred over a network connection to a secure file server location or returned to an integrated Check21 application.

 “As more and more organizations, both domestically and internationally, look to reduce costs and increase flexibility, many are looking toward remote terminal and thin client environments to achieve that goal.  This move requires a scanner solution that is able to operate in that environment, and our ConneXpress appliance offers a scalable solution not tied to a single scanner model,” explained Jeff Hempker, vice president of U.S. Sales for Digital Check, “unlike other network scanner solutions, the ConneXpress can be used with either our low-cost, single feed, CheXpress, or our more robust, batch-feed, TellerScan scanners.” 

The ConneXpress offers easy deployment and complete configurability.  It can be deployed pre-configured or can be dynamically configured via XML or socket interface.  Developers maintain complete control over the scanner, network configurations, and all appliance settings.  The device also takes advantage of Digital Check’s industry leading Best Read technology which produces the highest quality images and MICR and runs the scanner at its full rated speed.

The ConneXpress is also completely secure as no images are stored internally in memory and images sent can be encrypted and sent via secured connections using the bank’s security protocol.  The ConneXpress is a dedicated device requiring no monthly software or service updates and is not exposed to malicious software attacks to which a PC may be vulnerable.

For more information visit us at BAI’s Retail Delivery Conference, booth 2418, online at, or call 847-446-2285.