Free Check Jogger with purchase of BX7200 branch capture scannerIn late September, we began a special promotion for our back counter check scanners, giving away a FREE check jogger with every purchase of a BranchXpress BX7200. If you missed the original announcement, the key details are as follows:

  • We will send a FREE CJ1000 check jogger to any end user* who buys a BX7200 scanner, now through December 31, 2013.
  • To receive the check jogger, customers fill out this online form on
  • Customers receive a free check jogger with every scanner – there is no one-per-customer or one-per-order limit. If someone buys a hundred BX7200 scanners, they can claim a hundred free check joggers.
  • Requests for the free check jogger must be received by March 31, 2014.

For more details about the promotion, contact your Digital Check account representative. To learn more about check joggers and why they are useful, read on below.

Why is a Check Jogger Important?

If you’re not already familiar with check joggers and what they do, it’s pretty simple: They straighten out large stacks of paper so that the edges line up flat. This is not a big deal with remote deposit or teller capture, where you are usually only scanning a few items at a time and it’s easy enough to flatten them with your hands. But in a branch capture setting, you’re often scanning hundreds of items at a time, and straightening them manually is less effective, as well as time-consuming. The check jogger uses low-level vibrations to even out the whole stack in a few seconds, with greater precision than is possible by hand.

Why is this step important in branch capture? Because misaligned documents are the main cause of paper jams and double-feeds, which disrupt a batch of hundreds of checks. If a check is sitting even a few millimeters out of true, it runs a high risk of causing a misfeed and stopping the workflow. Using a jogger reduces the occurrence of misfeeds to virtually nil, making the ideal “set and forget” ability a reality.

* Not available to customers outside of the United States.