Our RDC Brazil seminar is just over a week away, and it’s nice to see it gaining a few mentions in the local media. Here’s a short excerpt from an article that appeared in Empresa S.A. last week (translated from Portuguese):

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) technology, which takes functions and resources from banks to shops, general retail and service providers of any size, begins its commercial career in Brazil, after the success achieved with American, European and Mexican banks. The most commercially successful case of the DRC is Bank of America. Other international financial institutions successfully using the DRC are: HSBC, Chase, Citi, RBC Finantial Group, JP Morgan, Barclays and many others.

The presentation event for the Brazilian market will have lectures by international experts and will be held in Sao Paulo, April 18 at the Sheraton WTC (United Nations Avenue, 12559), and entries are made ”‹”‹by Recognition (www.recognition.com.br). The lectures are held by Ed McLaughlin, current Council member NEeach (North East Automated Clearing House Association), and Oscar Milán of Mexico, who participates in projects that capture checks in 10 different countries, as well as John Gainer (Executive Vice President Digital Check Corp.) who presents the vision of American Industry to the present moment and the future of the DRC.

After the standardization of document management and scanning checks and other paper or plastic, carried out in Brazil in 2011, RDC enables banks to install scanning solutions and automatic deposit of checks and other bank documents to retail points of sale (regardless of size or variety) and services such as medical clinics, among others.

You can read the full story at www.empresasa.com.br – the article is in Portuguese, but can be converted to English easily using Google Translate; or, if you are using Google Chrome, your browser will translate it for you.

We’re all looking forward to a successful event – the first of its kind in Brazil!