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The Experts in UV Image Capture

Digital Check has more ultraviolet cheque scanners deployed than anyone else in the world. Our TellerScan TS240 was the first mass-produced cheque scanner with a UV image sensor, and we’ve added multiple other devices to our UV line in both high-speed and single-feed configurations.

With tens of thousands of UV scanners installed on all six continents, Digital Check are the worldwide experts in ultraviolet image capture.

Digital Check UV product list

Batch-Feed Scanners

SmartSource Pro Elite UV

Our latest high-speed scanner – fast enough for the teller window, but also perfect for high-volume RDC customers. Now available with UV image capture!

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TellerScan TS240 UV

Digital Check’s first ever ultraviolet scanner is also our best-selling international model. The TS240 is a reliable, affordable way to meet your UV capture needs.

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Single-Feed Scanners

SmartSource Micro Elite SE

The smallest remote Deposit Capture scanner on the market, now with driverless Serial Embedded technology and an optional Inkjet endorser.

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CheXpress CX30 UV

The first-ever scanner designed specifically for Remote Deposit Capture – now available in an affordable UV model. Nearly 1 million CX30s are currently in use around the world!

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Specialty Scanners


ScanBox is Digital Check’s secure platform for building kiosks and self-service stations, featuring a modified single-feed scanner with a locking enclosure and touchscreen controls. Can be used as a standalone capture station or part of a larger modular system.

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SmartSource Adpative

Our high-speed scanner for capturing mixed batches of checks and other documents up to full-page size. Runs at up to 105 documents per minute (checks only) or 65 documents per minute (full-page). Special formatting controls let you capture separate document types in different resolutions and file types.

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SmartSource Micro Adaptive

Our new compact scanner for mixed-size batches – scans checks and full-page documents up to U.S. Legal size (8.5″ x 14″)!

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The Reappearing Cheque

In most of the world, paper cheques are on the decline as they are replaced by various electronic payment methods. But in many developing countries, it’s a different story – the number of cheques holds steady or even increases as modernization brings more people into the banking system and makes the cheque easier to use. We investigate the situation in several countries from India to Southeast Asia and the Pacific to see what is driving this reversal of the global trend.

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