Image Quality

Our History - Image Quality - Digital Check

You may know Digital Check simply as “the check scanner company,” but the truth is, scanners are just one part of a rich history that goes back more than 60 years. We’ve been working with images and precision optics since long before scanners or even mass-market computers were invented.

Over the years, we’ve developed some of the earliest copy machines, editing projectors for the Hollywood studios, and phototypesetters that replaced the old manual typesetting process in newspapers. We’ve made cameras for the NASA Mariner and Viking space programs that translated beamed-back radio signals into visible images. Our precision projectors were used in flight simulators for the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jet and NASA’s Skylab space station. And we remade some of the world’s first fax machines – from FedEx’s discontinued Zapmail project – into some of the first high-speed document scanners for computers. Today, we also work with image-enhancement software and digital recognition algorithms.

Along the way, we’ve developed not only a knack for mechanical invention, but a deep understanding of what it takes to bring out the best in an image.

Product Durability

Our History - Product Durability - Digital Check

Creating high-quality products is our #1 priority, so we don’t cut any corners when it comes to our manufacturing process.

Our rigorous quality control process puts finished product through two rounds of comprehensive tests by different operators in a computer-controlled environment, so that any faults are caught and corrected long before they make it to the shipping line. All domestic customer service and support is based in the U.S.; overseas support is provided by local native-language, factory-trained distributors. 

Why do we go to such lengths for quality? Because we believe that with precision electronics, you should never have to worry about whether your device is going to be working two years from now, let alone tomorrow. By checking up on our suppliers regularly, and by keeping control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, we don’t have to compromise on quality or workmanship. That’s why our out-of-box, 1-year, and 2-year reliability rates are the best in the industry, and one more reason why Digital Check is The Secure Choice®.

FinTech Expertise

Our History - FinTech Expertise - Digital Check

Since entering the check scanner business in the mid-1990s, we’ve worked closely with our clients in the banking industry to find out exactly what they need to get their jobs done. We view every customer interaction as a chance to make our own products better. Here are just a few examples of times when customer input has led to new inventions or design improvements:

  • Based on feedback from one of our early customers, we developed stronger transport belts and improved track designs that made our multi-feed scanners last longer without maintenance.
  • We’ve added improved double-feed detection to prevent “piggybacks” – when two checks are scanned at once, causing check deposit batches to be out of balance.
  • We enhanced our magnetic MICR reading capability, and verify magnetic reads with optical character recognition to ensure mistakes are never made when reading important information like account numbers.
  • After listening to operator feedback, we found a new polymer roller material that was twice as resistant to collecting dirt and debris as the previously-used material, leading to more reliable feeding and fewer jams and double-feeds.
  • In response to customer feedback, we collaborated with a partner to invent and to be first to market with the Teller Transaction Printer (TTP), a modular thermal printer that sits under the TS240 saving valuable teller counter space.  Digital Check now also offers versions for our TS500, SmartSource Professional, and Pro Elite teller counter scanners.
  • We’ve made our devices network-addressable to free them from being tethered to a single PC using either embedded chips or our external SecureLink device.
  • We worked closely with one of our largest customers to develop Clear by Digital Check®, a new image-enhancement system for cleaning up difficult-to-scan items like money orders for fewer exceptions and improved clearing results.

After more than 20 years making banking equipment, and now software, we’ve learned a lot about our customers’ needs; and we’re still learning more from them every day.

Digital Check Culture

Our History - DC Culture - Digital Check

We take pride in our reputation as a company that’s easy to work with and takes care of our clients. We value long-term relationships and try to treat each customer like our most important.

Since we’re privately held, we answer to YOU, the customer – not a parent company or a group of investors. That’s given us the agility to change direction quickly, and respond to individual issues and requests.

We also like to have fun! We’ve known most of our biggest clients for years and developed long-standing interpersonal relationships with them. Whether it’s a simple night of dinner and drinks, an annual outing to one of our favorite events, the Masters Golf Tournament, or just a chat and a handshake, we like getting to know our customers and partners and sharing the good times. We wouldn’t have it any other way.