Windows 7

Reports state that Windows 7 is now the fastest selling operating system in history. Commanding 42% market share in the U.S. and 10% worldwide, Microsoft has now sold over 60 million copies. In fact, all new windows PCs being sold will come loaded with Windows 7, and most of those will be the 64 bit version. Is your application Windows 7 ready?

Digital Check released a patch last fall that will allow you quickly and easily integrate Digital Check scanners to run on Windows 7. In fact, a large bank customer of Digital Check recently reported that had they not loaded the Digital Check patch, they would not be able to sell their RDC service to new users using Windows 7 as none of the other scanners that they carry are capable at this time of running on the new operating system. For more information on the patch and how to implement it, contact Digital Check at 847-446-2285, fill out our web contact form, or go to