DENVER, CA – BAI Retail Delivery Conference  Digital Check Corp. (, a global provider of check scanners for remote deposit, branch back counter, and teller window capture, today introduced a version of the DockXpressTM encrypted magnetic stripe reader and USB expansion hub for the TellerScan® TS240 check scanner. The new device, which fits underneath the scanner, was designed to assist bank tellers with customer identification and other card-reading tasks while minimizing valuable counter space used at the teller window. It follows a similar card reader announced last month for use with the company’s CheXpress® CX30 remote deposit capture scanner.

DockXpress TS240 magnetic stripe card readerLike the previous version, the TS240 DockXpress uses the same power and data connections as the scanner, and provides two powered USB ports for additional peripherals. The device is also stackable with Digital Check’s TS240/TTP teller transaction printer to create a modular 3-in-1 scanner, card reader and receipt printer with the footprint of a single device.

The new DockXpress uses the same device-level encryption as the CX30 version to comply with PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standards. Information is encrypted directly at the magnetic read head to provide security from the beginning of the transaction process.

The DockXpress is compatible with all existing versions of Digital Check’s API, as it uses a standard interface to connect directly with most teller banking, POS and other card-reading systems.

Demonstration models of both the TS240 and CX30 DockXpress will be on display at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference, booth 5035, on November 5-7 in Denver. Units will be available for sale in the first quarter of 2014.