Magnetic stripe card reader - DockXpressStarting early next year, anyone with a CheXpress CX30 or TellerScan TS240 scanner can also use it as a card reader with the new DockXpressTM add-on. If you didn’t catch the announcements earlier in the month, the DockXpress is a track 1/2/3 magnetic stripe reader (MSR) that plugs into the bottom of the scanner to add card-reading capabilities with a minimal increase in the countertop footprint.

Our new device features the best in security, with card data encrypted directly at the magnetic read head in compliance with the Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) standard. P2PE provides an extra level of protection against data breaches, particularly those involving certain skimmers and keyloggers. For more on P2PE, see the last article in this issue.

For those with additional peripherals, the DockXpress also acts as a USB hub, with two fully powered USB 2.0 expansion ports on the back to plug in more devices. It draws power from the scanner’s power supply and transmits data through the scanner’s USB connection, keeping cable clutter to a minimum. Because the DockXpress uses an industry recognized mag-stripe reader, it is recognizable by most POS systems, without the need for special software or API programming. The TS240 version of the DockXpress can also stack on top of the TellerScan TS240/TTP Teller Transaction Printer to form a modular all-in-one scanner, card reader and receipt printer.

Digital Check will begin taking orders for the DockXpress and stocking inventory in January 2014. However, as with all new products, if you anticipate a large order, please contact your account representative in advance.