–Company hires Fitz Anderson to focus on this market segment–

The ISO (Independent Sales Organization) and Merchant Services channel is an emerging market for check scanner sales and Digital Check’s CheXpress® has been gaining the attention from in that segment. The ISO market has traditionally focused on selling payment solutions, predominantly credit, debit, and related solutions, to the small business and merchant markets. One form of payment that ISOs haven’t had a solution to offer until recently, is in the area of check. However, with the advent of lower cost check scanners like Digital Check’s award-winning CheXpress® CX30, the opportunity is now right for ISOs to provide a solution.

The reason that the CX30 has been attracting attention in this segment is that it is built to meet the needs of both the financial institutions that receive the payments and the budgetary constraints of the small businesses that will adopt this technology. The CX30 has features that reduce risk for both the small business and the financial institution as the only check scanner in its class with both rear audit trail endorsement and available franking, features highlighted in the recent FFIEC report.

CheXpress is also fast, quiet and intuitive to use, which are important features whether the scanner is used in a retail or a home office environment.

This year, Digital Check attended, for our third consecutive year, the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) conference in Las Vegas. ETA is one, if not the largest U.S. conference focused on the ISO market and last year was the conference at which Digital Check launched our award-winning CheXpress CX30 small business check scanner.

Digital Check also recently hired Fitz Anderson who is committed to working with our partners who focus on ISOs . In this role, Anderson is responsible for creating opportunities for Digital Check for our solution partners in the small business segment, including the property management and ISO/POS markets. Prior to this position, Anderson served as vice president of development at residential development company, Whiteco Residential, LLC, where he was responsible for initiating and managing new opportunities nationwide. During this time, Fitz lead the company’s efforts to increase its presence through acquisition, entitlement and project design of strategically located sites.  For more information fill out our web contact form.